Steven Lewis

I live in Morganton, NC
I’m originally from Ohio, having lived here since 1993.
I was raised in church and have a deep set love for music and the ministry of Christ.
I was saved as a teenager, but later walked away from God.
Although I was raised in the Church of God, I had my moment when I let satin steal my joy
And my music.  In 1993 when I left Ohio I was running from God and His call.  I had no idea that where I was running to was where He wanted me.  I came back to Christ in 1993 and have been singing for Him ever since.
I have always had a love for quartet singing.

Birthday: November 7th
Anniversary: May 17th        Wife: Teressia Lynn
Hobbies: Wood working, old cars, dune buggies
Restaurants: Longhorn, Mexican, Japanese, Asian, Greek, Italian, etc.…….
Sweets: liquorish, jelly beans, horehound, Pies
TV Shows: Law and Order, NCIS, Blue Bloods, Syfi
Not a Sports Fan, But love to razz others on their teams.
Movies: Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Fire Proof, Courage’s, Star Wars
Drinks: Water
Color: Orange
Song(s): Not For Sale, He Didn’t Throw the Clay Away
Groups: The Gaither Vocal Band, Cathedrals, Booth Brothers
Singers: Jason Crabb, Michael Combs, Michael English, just to name a few
Bible Verse: Exodus 15:2



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